Objectives of the fundamental research

Track A1

Fiscal federalism in a Belgian context

Track A2

Regional taxes as a policy instrument

A2a | Regional taxes, housing and sustainable growth (more information)

A2b | Inheritance tax reform (more information)

Track A3

Modelling tax impact

A3a1 | Forecasting models for the inheritance tax, the gift taxes and the stamp duties revenues (more information)

A3a2 | Modelling the effects of the traffic tax reform (more information)

A3b1 | Micro simulation models: income tax (more information)

A3b2 | Micro simulation models: inheritance tax (more information)

Track A4

Budget models


The B-tracks are short-term projects ( usually 1 year or less), which are linked to the actual policy implementation. They offer the flexibility to set up research concerning policy questions that were unknown at the time of approval of the research program.

Info concerning the B-projects

Output B-projects

Objective of the ad hoc advice

Information concerning the ad hoc assignments

Publications concerning the ad hoc assigments